Silicone Mold Making Application

Thermo Plastic Mold Service

With the top of the line Solidscape 3D printers, you can bring to production some of the most creative and intricate parts imaginable.  At Keystone we have the ability to print your designs in-house to cover any outsourcing needs you might have. 

These machines create thermo wax patterns for lost-wax casting or investment casting from any STL or SLC file. 

Multi Color, Multi Material Poly Jet Service

With the new leading edge technology of a Stratasys ObJet 500 Connex3 printer, we can bring to life nearly any image you can design.  With a build plate of 19x15x8 and the ability to print in multi-color and multi-material we can cover your outsourcing needs immediately.

If you do not have STL files we can offer design services or technical help as well using Solidworks.


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